That's one click for a man, one giant leap for the project…

Earlier today I was doing some research about CPPUnit and I realized that they have a MediaWiki instance hosted by itself. I wondered if it was possible for Crimild to have one too. I loved MediaWiki the minute I started using it almost four years ago. And I always wanted to have one for Crimild.

So, leaving my research behind (and all unit tests broken in the way. Yes, all three of them), I logged into and went to project’s administration page. Voila! Two clicks later (actually, a couple more), I had not only a working MediaWiki instance but also a WordPress blog too, as you can see. Thanks again,

There are a lot of configuration settings still to be defined for both sites (specially about appearance), but this is a huge step for Crimild to stop being just a hobby and to become a more serious project.