Moving forward

Here are some screenshots showing what I’ve been up to during the last week.

First, the new COLLADA importer. I only dedicated a couple of days to it, so it’s currently in an experimental phase (you can see the flat shaded effect due to some normal miscalculations). Still, I manage to load models from both Blender and 3d Max in a fairly easy way:

The classical monkey head from Blender imported using the new COLLADA importer

Next in the list is the new OpenGL Renderer implementation. I’m re-writing it from scratch. It’s going to be completely based on a programmable pipeline using GLSL with full support for multi-pass rendering with are required in order to achieve effects like bloom or render to texture. Here are some screens showing the same scene with different shader effects applied to it:

No effects

Diffuse Lighting

Specular Lighting

Messing around with the color buffer


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