Enhanced iPhone Renderers

During the last week most of my work was focused on enhancing the iPhone renderers to support real-time lighting and material colors.

The following screenshots show the OpenGL ES 1.x renderer in action, with both real-time lighting and diffuse colors enabled:

The OpenGL ES 2 renderer was upgraded as well. GLSL support was improved in order to handle light and material attributes. Here are some screenshots:


Per-vertex lighting



Simple lighting and material colors



Per-pixel lighting


But, what’s the point of implementing a shader-based renderer if we’re going to obtain the same results as with a fixed-function one? The next picture shows the same scene rendered with a non-photorealistic shader in order to achieve a cartoon-like effect known as Toon Shading:


Toon Shading


I also created a simple application in order to testing different effects without having to recompile everything. The app presents a basic menu that lets you choose what OpenGL ES version to use (either 1.x or 2.x), what models and textures to render (from a predefined list) and finally what kind of effect you want to use (which are only valid if you chose the GLES 2.x renderer).


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