Moving to

After a little more than a year I’ve decided to stop using the blog and move to The reason? SF does not provide custom theme support. Additionally, it displays a big banner at the top of the screen which takes a lot of space. Plus, the name of the blog cannot be personalized.

Moving to has a several benefits, starting with fixing all of problems mentioned above. It has support for custom pages (useful for documentation) and it provides the necessary services for the WP iPhone app to work (which is an essential tool if I want to increase the flow of posts beyond one per week).

The process was pretty simple due to the import/export tools available. In about an hour I moved all of the old posts and comments. Now I need to work on the styles (and there is a rumor about a new logo for Crimild, hehe).

Note for subscribers: Please note that the URL for RSS feeds has changed. Keep that in mind in order to continue to receive new posts notifications. My apologies for the inconveniences.

I hope you like the new site. Comments are always welcome.

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