Cleaning up the mess

Although this week I took some time off from Crimild due to other priorities, I still managed to do a little code cleanup. The large amount of changes that were implemented in the engine in the last past months produced a nasty side-effect: there were a lot of functions, classes and even entire features that were no longer used, like Effects, Behaviors and several “old-styled” Terrain implementations, just to name a few.

In addition, I found several problems with the CMake template for iOS-related projects after upgrading the iOS SDK to version 4.3. Particularly, using the generated Crimild library in iPhone projects led to linking errors. Apparently, there is a target architecture mismatch between the library and the final executable (armv7 vs armv6) but I was not able to confirm this. Instead, I created a new Xcode project including all Crimild sources in order to build the iPhone library from it. Some months ago I wrote about how annoying this process is since I need to manually add or remove source files whenever something changes, so this is actually a step back. But until I figure out what is really going on here I’m out of option.

Concerning new stuff, I only had enough time to fix a couple of bugs in the Sandbox that were producing clipping errors during the rendering phase. And that was pretty much it.

See you next week


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