Crimild iOS News

I’ve started a review of all iOS related code in order to prepare Crimild for my next project. Part of the goal of the code review is to create a new Crimild iOS static library that can be easily integrated into existing projects. In the past I ditched this option since Xcode was messing with compiler flags and that lead to a lot of linking issues. That seems to be fixed now.

In addition I’ll be adding a bunch of new examples based on the sample code from the book “iPhone 3D Programming” by Philip Rideout. Some of that code date back to 2009, so there’s a lot of things that need to be reviewed but they are a good learning tool to better understand how to use Crimild on your iOS projects. Plus, I’ll be upgrading the OpenGL ES 2.0 support by including new shaders and post process effects like bloom. Of course, I’ll be contacting Philip in the short term before actually publishing the examples to make sure no copyrighted material is exposed.

The goal is to finish all this (along with updated documentation) before Christmas. I’ll keep you posted.