Crimild v4.0 is out!

First of all, yes, version numbers are back. And yes, this is v4.0. Why 4.0, you ask? Where is v3.0 and v3.5? Th truth is, v2.0 was the only stable release until now and that was five or six years ago (I think it’s still buried somewhere in SourceForge). Much has happened in between that version and current one and I wanted a fresh start. Therefore, this is v4.0 (actually, v4.0.1 at the time of this writing). Stop asking questions, please.

What’s new? A lot of things: concurrency, unified OpenGL Renderer, memory management, Android, etc. You can check the full Release Notes in Github.

Does this mean I managed to achieve an actual stable build and we can hope for no more surprise refactors? Maybe. I don’t know. I do plan to slow down a bit and in the next months I’m just going to add new features on top of the existing ones. New effects, examples, fixes and things like that. Nothing too critical.

I also updated the example projects and I’m going to add new ones soon (honestly, I lost track of how many times I promised that). If you’re crazy enough to use this monster and need help, fell free to ping me by email or social networks.

Well, that’s it. The first release in a very long time. And here is v4.0, in all its glory:

v4.0 running in OSX, Android, iOS and Windows