Crimild v4.6.0 is out!

Crimild v4.6.0 has just been released!!

This new version includes the long awaited Navigation Mesh support. Now you can have characters running around your scenes without them walking through objects and walls.

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 7.30.49 PM

Other improvements and fixes included in this release:

  • Version control for streams
  • The particle system update can be pause and resumed
  • The Console now supports for a command history
  • Composite render passes
  • OpenGL Core Profile 3.3 by default

Check out the full release at Github!

All demo projects have been updated to use the latest release. Make sure to take a look at the newest Navigation demo to see nav meshes in action.

Finally, if you haven’t done it yet, check out The P.U.R.G.E. Protocol, a game developed in under 48 hours for the latest Ludum Dare Compo using Crimild, of course.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 4.32.11 PM



The P.U.R.G.E. Protocol

I recently participated at Ludum Dare 39, where you’re tasked with making a game, from scratch, in 48 hours.

The result was The P.UR.G.E. Protocol

In the game, you wake up in a room, resembling one of a spaceship. In there, a holographic computer is turned on, awaiting for your commands to start.. something. The current status for the ship is displayed next, showing that the ship may be badly damaged and hinting at a very complicated situation. And it is then when the computer starts asking you some questions.

But what is really going on?

Personally, it was an amazing experience. This was the first time I actually completed a game for a LD (I tried and failed a couple of times before) and it was a lot of fun. I’ll be doing a full post-mortem shortly.

You can find The P.U.R.G.E. Protocol either at the LDJam website or at The source code (yes, it’s open source) it’s available at Github.