Crimild v4.9.0 is here!

I’m proud to announce that Crimild v4.9.0 is available now, including many new features and improvements:

New Animation System

I admit it. Crimild’s previous animation system was awful and pretty much useless. The new one allows for a lot of modern features like interpolation and blending (including support for additive blending). And, most importantly, it works with several animatable types, like single values, vectors, rotations, joints and so on.


If you want to know more, I wrote a post about the new animation system some time ago that is worth checking out.

New Shader Graph

Modern shader development requires a way to write shader code without having to worry about wether we’re working with OpenGL, OpenGL ES or even new APIs like Metal or Vulkan.

Crimild now supports a builder abstraction in the form of a Shader Graph, where you chain operations and values together which can be later translated into, for example, GLSL code.

If you want to know more about shader graphs… you’ll have to wait because I didn’t write anything yet.

SDL is back!

The SDLSimulation comes back to life from the ashes!

Well, not exactly. The SDL-based simulation is now making use of the SDL2 libraries, which are a big step forward form the classic ones that were use by Crimild in the past (in the SourceForge/SVN era).

Why am I using SDL again? Because it made sense. I was using GLFW for window and input management and SFML for audio, which was overkill and not really helpful beyond PC and Mac. SDL has support for iOS, Android and works well with Emscripten too. So, having only one library for multiple platforms made sense and greatly simplifies things.

As a side effect, I’m deprecating GLFW and SFML support and they will be removed in the next major version (some point next year).

Emscripten Support

What? Emscripten too? Yes! Emscripten is now officially supported by Crimild using CMake. Assets can be automagically bundled into the resulting web package and there’s even audio support thanks to SDLMixer2.

Here’s a live demo. Check it out!

Bare in mind that Emscripten support is still experimental, but I’m planning on keep improving it in future releases, of course.

And many more!

There are a lot of other features, minor updates and modifications. Check out the full Release Notes for the Crimild v4.9.0 at Github to know more.  And all demo projects have been updated as well to use the latest version.

As usual, feel free to check the code and make comments.

Have fun!